About OwlCare
Helping Families and Family Caregivers to Transform Chaos into Care(TM).

I created OwlCare to help and inspire families and family caregivers to Transform Chaos into Care(TM).

The COVID-19 pandemic is having a profound impact on the healthcare system and in the lives of seniors - our wise and ageing elders.  It has created an every-changing care environment for families and family caregivers.  With it new digital technologies are being introduced, and new rules, protocols, and procedures are being enforced.  It all means CHANGE to the family.  How families and family caregivers navigate these changes - the CHAOS - has a tremendous impact on their care and their lives.  

My mission is to improve the wellbeing and safety of family caregivers and their ageing loved ones at home.  We aim to help families and family caregivers to adapt by offering exclusive health and wellbeing services, practical tools, training, and community online.

About David
I'm a family caregiver who can teach you how to Transform Chaos into Care(TM).

For over 15 years, I learned the ways to conquer the chaos from several family health crises, and spent countless hours helping my children, aging parents, and grandparents get care.

I have a deep understanding of caregiver needs and the expectations of loved ones who are challenged and overwhelmed by chronic health conditions.

As a person living with Crohn's disease, I also understand the patient’s perspective in dealing with the challenges of the healthcare system, navigating a complex array of health services, and working with multiple doctors and specialists.

My mission is to help people just like you with resources and tools to transform chaos into care – improving the wellbeing of your aging loved ones, as well as your own.

As founder of OwlCare Inc., I offer programs and services that provide practical information and resources to improve the lives of family caregivers.  The Care Hub Marketplace offers exclusive health and wellbeing services, as well as deals, discounts, and rewards to families who wish to stay healthy and save money in Canada and the United States.

I live in Ottawa with my wife Antonietta and our two sons Marcus and Alexander.

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