Make Home Liveable Longer
Join me on a journey of discovery, learning how families can make their home environments liveable longer for everyone in your care.  

Make Home Liveable Longer will help you to identify and address the hazards that are present within your or your elder adult's home, put in relevant tools that supports for their capabilities, and look at space with (new) eyes to the future.  

We provide you with the tips, tricks and tools to help!
Transform Chaos Into Care Masterclass by OwlCare
Transform Chaos into Care: Masterclass
Learn "What To Do" so that you can cut through the confusion of a health crisis and take action.  This Masterclass offers practical, proven steps for families and their aging loved ones to manage care at home.  Shows you the easy-to-implement steps to have the information you need to make and support decisions.  Gives you practical actions to take to conquer the chaos of a health-crisis.
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